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Introducing Kasie


Hello!  My name is Kasie.  I am blessed to be a wife and momma and so happy to be a part of the Native Wellness tribe!  Sulphur was my home away from home for most of my childhood, so it just felt natural to settle down close by.  


My journey to holistic healing was fueled by my own battles with unexplained inflammation and fatigue and the inability for modern medicine to explain where it came from and how to fix it. I  started with a lifestyle change in diet and exercise and growing in my spiritual walk.  I began to see real change and grew passionate about our bodies ability to heal itself when properly cared for and fueled.  


Then I found Native Wellness!  


I continue to be amazed at God's handy work.  We were made for connection and nutrition response testing is a way for our bodies to communicate our needs.  Working here allows me to witness and come alongside people in their healing journey and I am truly blessed!

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