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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

1. Some vaccine inserts have listed Autism and death (SIDS) as occurring to children receiving the vaccination, after the vaccine was approved for use by the public. A vaccine insert is where the truth of the vaccine must be listed legally, in case a vaccine injury occurs and a legal case is initiated by the parents of the injured or deceased child.


2. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund in the U.S. has paid out over $3 billion dollars to vaccine injured or vaccine killed children, legally declaring in some cases that the vaccine in question directly caused the Autism or death of the child.


3. All vaccine inserts list brain swelling and spinal swelling as side effects and this swelling can cause brain damage, which is Autism.


4. There are over 100 medical research papers that link the contents of vaccines directly to the brain damage categorized as Autism. and


5. Thousands of parents of vaccine injured children and many medical doctors, have testified, that the brain damage occurred in the child immediately or soon after vaccination.


6. In Sept 2014 a top CDC scientist came forward with documents proving vaccines do increase Autism dramatically in some children. He also testified that the government told him to make sure the public never found out and to omit those findings from publication.


7. The same scenario described in point #6 repeated itself in 2001, so the studies proving vaccines cause Autism have been present for decades yet are purposely hidden from the public for financial and eugenic motivations.


8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield lost his medical license after showing a direct link between vaccines and Autism, even though many other researchers have confirmed his findings that vaccines do cause Autism, in the exact way Dr. Wakefield described.


9. The CDC scientist in 2014, who testified that he was forced to withhold the data proving the vaccine/Autism link, also testified this was done purposely to add to the false and fabricated attack on Dr. Andrew Wakefield.


10. An Italian Court has now ruled that a vaccine, which was the subject of a law suit, did cause Autism in the vaccine damaged child.


11. Autism is brain damage. Mercury causes brain damage. Mercury is still used in several vaccines, including the multidose flu shot. Vaccines that contain less than 1 mcg of mercury are said to be mercury free. This is a new rule invented by the medical system to manipulate an uninformed public. There is mercury in most vaccines, which are listed as mercury free. There are 3 to the exponent 15 atoms of mercury in 1 mcg. Each atom is toxic to all cells in the body. The multi dose flu vials contain 25mcg of mercury. Infants, children, mothers, seniors and all citizens are encouraged to have the flu shot every year.


12. Dr. Russell Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon who has traced the pathways of vaccine induced brain damage, titled Autism. Dr. Blaylock openly states that all vaccines damage brain function in all children, but because the brain can operate with 70% damage in most areas, without a noticeable change in behavior, most parents or guardians don't notice the brain damage after vaccination. Saying that, each additional vaccine and each day a child participates in an unhealthy lifestyle, pushes the child closer and closer to that 70% brain damage level, where the brain damage will finally be noticed.


13. Here in a law review journal, they find that the Vaccine Compensation Court has cast judgement that vaccines were responsible for Autism in 83 children. That was in 2011 and obviously there have been plenty more since 2011.

14. The only way to test if vaccines cause Autism is to study unvaccinated and vaccinated children and oddly enough this is the exact study the government and vaccine companies refuse to do. This study was done in monkeys and the vaccinated monkeys developed Autism (brain damage) and the unvaccinated monkeys did not. This was also a similar finding, regarding vaccinated pets.


15. This University study proved conclusively that the adverse reactions from vaccines covers a very wide and dramatic spectrum, including adverse effects to the brain and neurological systems.


16. The subject of vaccines causing Autism has been tackled by many others, concluding the same, that vaccines increase the chance of Autism (brain damage) as an absolute certainty.


Unfortunately the media, the government and medical industry don't have to deal directly with the negative health consequences of a vaccine injury. Everything from type 1 diabetes to death are proven side effects of vaccination. Go to page 7 of this vaccine insert........

Although a parent is verbally assured that vaccines are safe and effective, a vaccine insert declares vaccines aren't safe nor effective. Although a parent is verbally assured that vaccines are safe and effective, the only proof of this claim... that can never be forwarded by the medical community, are the boat loads of healthy children...which are supposed to be the by product of all the chemical tinkering with the children.

When someone declares to be an authority in the matters of your child's health, yet can't forward any healthy children as direct proof of that claim, it's time to recognize the contradiction and investigate further. Start with reading a vaccine insert. Every person who now doesn't vaccinate themselves or their children, used to. Find out what changed their mind.

If you're completely perplexed as to why people still vaccinate even though there's no science to back the claim that vaccinated people are more immune than need to read this and understand what you're dealing with.

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