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Introducing Shannon

Hello!  I'm Shannon! Nice to meet you!  I've been married for 18 years and together we have 4 beautiful children - a 15 year old son, a 12 year old daughter, and 10 year old twin boys.

I have been a cosmetologist for 20 years and have spent my career in salons and spas performing a number of beauty and wellness services.  In 2016, I began my own holistic health and wellness journey.  During this journey, I lost my dear mother to Lymphoma in the blood.  This devastating loss catapulted my passion for healthy lymphatic system function and overall wellness.

Shortly after, God led me to Native Wellness!  I met Amber Dillon and learned that I could use my skillset to help others reach their wellness goals.  I've been given an incredible opportunity to live out my passion for helping others improve their health situations through detox and lymphatic massage.

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